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After the global meltdown, which started in 2007, one hundred percent finance for home or business premise purchases completely disappeared off the radar. No lender would touch unguaranteed lending.

Fast foward to 2014 and a few brokers are using unsecured borrowing to help procure high value loans and mortgages without actually having a cash deposit readily available.

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Follow the simple steps to see if it really is possible for you to get a one hundred percent mortgage. This entails using unsecured types of borrowing in order to get a revolving credit facility up and running so that we are able to approach mortgage ledners on your behalf. Please be advised, there are fees rolled into the loan and mortgage we place for you. If you know for sure that you have a really bad credit and borrowing history, we are unable to help you. For instance, if you regularly get official letters through the post from debt collection agencies, you will not get any form of credit.

However, if you are purchasing a property below market value. Like 65% below market value, you would be able to get bridging finance to buy the house outright, then possibly get a mortgage to clear the full bridge. For more information visit page to see if this system could work for you.

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If we feel there is a chance of setting up a mortgage for you we will contact you within 24 hours.

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Our brokers will use their financial know how to organise an unsecured deposit for you.

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Step four - Mortgage packaging

With a cash deposit in place we can sourcethe market for you to find the best mortgage package.

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There are a plethora of reasons why non property owning residents of the United Kingdom look elsewhere than the mainstream providers of commercial or home mortgages.

Some believe, and can be correct in their asumption, that dealing direct with independent lenders can get them a better deal, others don't even try banks and building societies as they realise with a bad credit history they will not be successful through the conventional means.

For what ever reason you are in need of a 100% mortgage, searching the Internet is a good place to start, and if you have happened across this website, you are in one of the few places in 2014 that are able to use bonafide credit facilities, on your behalf, to place high value funding for residential or commercial property purchases.

However, for homeowners, a clean credit rating is required.

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Our nation and society has moved over to a flexible, 'throw away' mentality. The younger generation is tending to make no provisions for the future, and treat their whole income or salary as disposable cash. We find because of this, that a high proportion of applicants for a 100 percent mortgage, mortgages without having to pay a deposit come from the under 30's. many have credit cards or car loans in place, which means they are stuck in that 'having to rent' situation because of not being able to save up to twenty thousand pounds as a deposit. For whatever reason, they are unable to raise the capital. Do you find your self in this situation?

If you have an adverse or poor borrowing history, we cannot get you a one hundred percent mortgage.

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If they or you require getting on the property ladder, a good option is to apply for 100% mortgages. This is a type of mortgage where you do not pay any deposit or money down to the lender. They borrow you the full amount you require and you pay back the full amount plus interest over a period which is usually twenty to twenty five years, depending on your age, or the purpose or style of mortgaging you require, be it a buy to let mortgage, remortgage, non status or commercial 100% mortgage.

We can also offer property funding for business purposes. Whether you need commercial, buy to let, self cert, which is short for self certification or non status financing, we may be able to help, however some form of securtiy may be required.

We also offer much more, such as payment protection, insurances and all forms of secured loans. There may be a way to source you funding, although it may not necessarily be a mortgage.

If you readily know that you suffer from an adverse credit history, then finding a mortgage provider does get slightly more difficult although not impossible. 100% bad credit mortgages are available but difficult to find as the majority of lenders do prefer some type of down payment as security. You will also find that dealing with a mortgage broker as apposed to a lender will, although they may find you a 100 percent mortgage, incur a charge as a finders fee, which can range from anywhere in the region of £500.00 to £750.00 or in excess of one percent of the total borrowing amount depending on which is greater. Before applying for 100 percent mortgages, do a personal financial health check on yourself and have a browse through our checklist, then fill out our online enquiry form to see just what type of limits your budget allows you.


If you already know what style of mortgage you want, commercial, buy to let, remortgage, non status or first time buyer 100% percent mortgage, then simply navigate to that specific page for further information on how we can assist in the full 100 percent mortgaging or remortgaging market. Please be advised that we are not actual mortgage advisors, and do not give one on one financial advice or any form of information relating to advice, nor do we lend to you directly. Our aim is to forward you application on to our chosen brokers and lenders. You incur no direct charges from us by submitting your details via our enquiry form, or by sending us an email. We simply try to match your needs to a broker or lender to suit you.