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A Guarantor!

Anyone who has defaulted on things like credit credits, or has gone overdrawn at their bank,. or has outstanding loans, be it for a vehicle, payday finance, or has defaulted on any type of monthly bill needs a guarantor.

Basically, someone who will say that if you make a mess of your repayments, they will step in for you and help you get back on track with keeping the monthly payments on schedule.

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You cannot get a one hundred percent mortgage if you have an adverse or poor credit history. However, it may be possible to get a bridging loan if you buying the house below market value. Click here for for more information.

Believe it or not but adverse credit rating is more common place than you think in the UK. A small minority is victims of identity theft, where as their actual personal details are stolen, and huge amounts of credit, ultimately leading to debt are run up. Even if you can prove in county court that you have been a victim of fraud, the chances are these unlucky people will have to pay back the funds themselves.

Other people have quite simply over budgeted on what they can really afford to pay back and ended up in a hole. Others simply get credit and do not pay it back.

There are more reasons why people end up with negative credit ratings, too many to mention, but this doesn't have to stop you getting a firm 100% bad credit mortgage quote.

It usually costs less in outgoings on a house if you are paying a mortgage as apposed to renting. When you do rent a property, you still have all the usual overheads, like utility bills and council tax. Searching for 100% bad credit mortgages could save you money on rental fees short term and also help to repair your credit rating if you keep up your repayments. You are also building a nest egg for the future, as when you do get to the stage where you have equity in your home; you can sell and make profit. This doesn't have to take too longer either, as with rising property prices, within eight to twelve months, your house could be worth more when you do get it valued. If you wait to sell until you have paid off your mortgage, then you will receive 100% of the property value. There are currently no taxes on selling a property; however you may be liable to capital gains tax.

An good alternative to this style of long term finance is to use a secured form of short term funding like a fast poor credit bridging loan which can purchase the property then levy the property as security to gain a mortgage at a lower interest rate. It's a high risk strategy though, as you may or may ont get a low rate mortgage.

It is common knowledge that if you do have an adverse credit rating, you will have to pay a slightly higher rate of interest than someone with a good rating. This is because the lenders see you as a higher risk, so finance risk assessors alter your interest charges accordingly. If you are fortunate enough to find a 100 percent mortgage that is cheaper than renting, not only are saving money instantly but when you are back in positive credit rating, you can look at changing mortgage lenders to get an even better deal on your interest. If you decide to enquire about 100% bad credit mortgage through us, will we match your needs to a lender or broker who will tailor a package to suit you and your budget. Please be advised that the owners of this site are not actual lenders or brokers, so they do not directly charge you anything for sending your application to an FSA regulated lender or broker. The owners of the site do not give out one on one or any type of financial advice directly or indirectly. We will refer you to a reputable provider of loans for property. Feel free to apply online for a 100% bad credit mortgage.

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