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Bridging loans

We have teamed up with a general lender of this type of short term secured UK finance. Bridging loans are available in homeowner or residential packages or as a business or commercial borrowing set up.

It is property secured. Financing is based on equity alnoe so no credit checks are made. Bad credit, the self employed, non status, IVA's, and repossession threatened can apply.

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For homeowners, we are now working exlcusively with a group of lenders that have pooled their resources to offer bridging loans to each and every applicant that has equity in a property. We can offer residential bridging loans even if you have a poor credit history, are facing repossession or are looking at the prospect of an IVA or declaring themselves bankrupt. We pride ourselves on offering to those with an adverse credit history and even quicker financing to those with a good borrowing history, or click here.

Why choose a commercial fund in the form of a bridging loan? In business, not all debtors pay on time. This can lead to short term cash flow problems. Bridging finance set up as a business loan can rectify this short term problems. Bridging loans are not set up over a set period. You are in control of when you would like to clear the advance, anywhere between one and twelve months.

You only pay interest payments until you clear the whole amount, so if your debtors pay their bills to you within thirty days, then you can clear your commercial funding loan on your first bridging loan repayment with no penalties incurred.

You may also be in a position to buy your business property and feel that opting for a mortgage in too long of an agreement.

Paying bridging loans back within twelve months could be an ideal scenario for you. Setting business loans and commercial funding up through banks is long winded and time consuming. Using us, your bridging finance can be electronically bank transferred to your account same day. There are no credit checks with our bridging loans, so even if you have a bad credit history, or are unsure about your recent borrowing history there is no need to worry. Commercial bridging loans are our speciality.

Visit the principle lenders of business bridging finance and commercial bridging loans directly or fill in our online enquiry form.

Have you already found a new home but not sold your current house. There are several options open to you at this point. You can apply online for bridging finance, which is a short term loan that can be cleared at any point with no early repayment penalties. We can even organise bad credit loans quickly and easily for property owners in the U.K. as our financing is secured against your property not you or your recent credit history.

Homeowner loans in the shape of bridging finance are secured loans and can be used for any purpose other than securing a new property until you have sold your existing home. Bridging loans, which is the common name for this type of borrowing, can be set up on the very same day you apply, with funds in your account anywhere from immediately to three working days later depending on who you bank with.

Simply give us a call or use our online enquiry form to see just how much you can borrow in the shape of a bridging loan.