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Be a landlord!

It's more difficult than you may think, managing multiple houses with sitting tenants. However, if you choose this professional, we could be able to source you a nil deposit finance package to purchase a property with.

once you have bought the property, it is up to you to furnish it and find tenants, plus make sure it is up to all the specific regulations that have been put in place recently.

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We deal with a lender of short term commercial bridging finance to get you on the road to property ownership in the buy to let market. For more information feel free to visit to find out about the rates and terms of funding when seeking to buy a house to rent out as a source of income and property portfolio growth.

If you are thinking of seriously investing for the future in the UK property market, and fancy yourself as a landlord or landlady, there is a specifically designed or tailored mortgage for you called buy to let mortgages and it is possible to borrow 100% of the full value. There would be no need to find a deposit to secure the finance as with banks and building societies. You simply get the funds to purchase the house, find tenants and let the rent you generate pay off some or all of the financing repayments.

There are things you should consider before applying for a 100 percent buy-to-let mortgage. We advise that you get fully up to date on the new landlord regulations that came into force at the start of 2007.

There are many online portals and forums that you can get good advice from such as LandLordZone. The also have a forum where you can chat to actual experienced landlords.

If you are a first time investor who is looking for a 100% buy to let mortgage, we do actively encourage you to visit the mentioned site and forum to gain knowledge from people who are already doing what you are doing, that doesn't mean not to start the ball rolling by applying for a 100% percent buy to let mortgage. Please take heed of all the advice you are given by existing landlords and landladies, as not all tenants are perfect. Be prepared for damaged properties, non payments of rents and the like, but it is not all doom and gloom. If you vet your tenants well, you could have high quality considerate well balanced tenants who respect your property and take care of it and pay on time each and every week or month.

If you are convinced that you can find a good property for sale, be it through an auction, estate agent or buying directly from an existing landlord, make sure you check out its location property. This can give you a good idea of what type of tenant you could attract. For instance, if you buy a house near a hospital, the chances are you could get a house share going on for nurses. It is widely documented that these professional people do not get paid as well as they do, so many do look to share their work mates and colleagues.

You can apply for a 100 percent buy to let mortgage with us by simply navigating to our enquiry page. We are not actual lenders, nor are we brokers, but we can make sure that your enquiry does end up with an FSA (Financial standards agency) recognised, reputable lender or broker. We charge you zero for matching you up to a provider. Our finding service is totally free to you. Hopefully, you will be offered a package that will suit your needs and your budget. Good luck.