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With the global financial meltdown a few years into the 21st century, getting a funding to purchase a house for the first time became increasing difficulty. Not just for the young people, but for those more mature too.

Through our own ingenuity, even though most lenders don't do 100% property financing anymore, we have devised a system to make it work for both good and bad credit applicants.

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We suggest first time buyer try for a bridging loan if they haven't a guarantor or have a less than perfect credit rating. There are many lenders out there, however, being such a unique borrower, using a private lender would probably be the best. Get a bridging loan secured against the property then use full ownwership to get a mortgage to pay off the bridge. More information at one of the UK's fastest lenders of short term secured loans.

Property values have soared over the begining of the first decade of the 21st Century. As from mid June 2007, the whole financial markets collapsed everywhere meanning credit applications became majorly stringent.

The majority of brokers and lenders are asking for a deposit or some form of down payment on all advances to buy houses.

They range from 15% to 25% depending on the lender and your actual history or borrowing. If you suffer from a bad credit history, then finding a company that will deal with you is even more difficult.

We have secured some outstanding relationships with actual lenders, who can offer a first time buyer, a 100 percent mortgage, regardless of their previous adverse credit history.

No matter what age you are, be it, fresh out of college with a plum job, or the wrong side of thirty five, our brokers can help arrange 100% first time buyer mortgages, either in person, on the telephone, or via email, in the first instance. That can even help if your credit report comes back with a negative history, regardless or if you know about it or not. You will receive a report on just how much you are allowed to borrow, over what period of time, and all the small print thoroughly explained. They will work tirelessly on your behalf to find a package that suits your budget, and guarantee to be able to find you a 100 percent mortgage within five working days. There is no charge incurred directly from us, it is free to enquire, so fill out the enquiry form to see just what sort of package is available to you.

We do not charge you anything for hooking you up with a broker or lender that can supply you with first time buyer 100 percent mortgages. Our service is totally free. We direct you to a reputable advisor, broker or lender, who will be able to sort out a package that will enable you to borrow the entire amount you need. Our service is free as we receive a nominal payment for sending your details through to them. Our service to you is totally free of charge. You may, however, if you decide to use one of the lenders that we match you up with, a fee for set up of the package, but this will not interfere with you 100% borrowing requirements. We are not actual lenders or brokers, and we do not offer direct mortgage advice, however all our contacts are recognised by the FSA, the governing body for mortgages in the UK.