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Stop repossession

If your bank, mortgage provider or a loan company that used a property or your home as a way to secured finance for you is threatening to foreclose on you, we can help you a number of ways to stop repossession.

Wyhether you sell your home quickly to us, or opt for a remortgage or bridging loan, we will work very fast to offer you a solution to stop repossession of your property.

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So which way would work best for you? Would a bad credit bridging loan be the best for you, so you could pay off your mortgage and have up to one year to sell your home and pay off the bridging finance. Or would you be better opting for a quick sale with no fees to pay and get 90%of the properties value. Completion in five days guaranteed. Or would you be better off seeing if you could remortgage and clear all your debts? Find out about it all at today.

House repossession threats are a nasty business. When you are under the threat of an order your credit rating is affected, which means getting a loan to avoid repossession is tricky. Ninety percent of remedies revolve around gaining more credit to pay off your debts, which although is a temporary stopgap, can lead to being back in the same place in six months time.

Another option is something called IVA, or an individual voluntary arrangement. This is basically another word for bankruptcy, and can lead to the equity in your home being released (it will have to be sold). If you do have equity built up in your property, then you should consider a quick house sale.

Our business associates who specialise in a quick sale can point you in the right direction in how to deal with your creditors.

When you do research all the ways to stop repossession, they all revolve around paying off your debts. This can be done over a long period of time - that is if your creditors agree to your repayment terms, or they can be done instantly. Wouldn't it better for you and your family if you could stop repossession and not worry about it coming back to haunt you. The quick sale option usually comes with something called a sell and rent back solution, which enables you to get the proceeds from your house sale without having to move out. You simply carry on living in your home as a tenant. Most companies offering the sell to rent back do actually have a buy back clause which you can take advantage of once you get your finances in order.

So, if you feel like entering into a further credit agreement like a bad credit loan but would like to avoid house repossession, then visit our trusted business associates who will not only buy your house quickly, but also give you the necessary advice as to how to deal with the bank or building society that is threatening your house repossession.