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Self certification

Not everyone can prove regular income streams. For example, a property investor may only receive funds once every few months at most. Banks do not like this. So you must find a broker with contacts.

We use Hank Zarihs for all self certification mortgages enquiries because he literally knows 99% of all independent lenders in the UK at this present time offering this style of finance.

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This form of borrowing is ideally used by the self employed, contractors, or company directors. Self cert, or self certification to give it its full title is a form of mortgage for people that have trouble proving their own regular income. You simply fill out a legal document stating what you earn, and this has to be taken at face value. 100% self cert mortgages can be difficult to come by, especially if you suffer from a bad credit history. For business enquiries visit for more information.

Finding the specialist lenders can take a serious amount of time, and although independent mortgage brokers may be able to find you a 100 percent self cert mortgage, so you can borrow 100% of your borrowing needs, you may have to pay a brokers fee.

Our lender finding service will guarantee that you will receive a genuine quote for a 100% self certification mortgage. You could end up receiving five or six quotations from different lenders, so you can pick and choose which self cert mortgage is best for you.

We can save you so much time, right now; all you need to do is navigate to our enquiry form. We will then deliver this to our FSA recognised brokers and lenders who will contact you directly to organise just how quickly, and what sort of borrowing level you can qualify for on a one hundred percent self cert mortgage. We can organise you enquiry through to the specialist lenders who primarily mission is just set up self cert mortgages, at any borrowing level, be it a 95%, or 110% lending level. They will also inform you as to how much you can borrow which will be ascertained from your self certification declaration. You may find yourself in the lucky position of being able to play off each lender against each other to thrash out the best deal or the cheapest 100% self cert mortgage. It is totally free to enquire and you are not obliged to take any of the lenders up on any of the offers that they make.

We act as an introducer on your behalf. We are not the actual lenders or brokers, but help you and the mortgage companies get together to see if it is possible to secure you a 100 percent self cert mortgage. We do not under any circumstances offer mortgage advice by telephone or email, but if you fill out our enquiry form, we will make sure that you are in touch with a lender or a broker that will be sympathetic to your own unique circumstances and hopefully be able to organise you a one hundred percent self cert mortgage. Fill out our application now to see just how quickly you could have a mortgage in place to buy your own home.