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Quick house sale

Not only are we brokers for home owner or business based mortgages & also actual lenders of bridging loans, we are also property buyers. We offer UK home owners a quick sale on any type of house in the UK.

Further to that, we complete within 5 working days, cover all the costs, even legal fees & abolish estate agents as they are not involved in the selling quick process.

 Get an offer! 

We are offer a very quick sale to people that need to sell a house quickly. We off exactly 90% of the true value of the property and complete within five working days. Estate agents are not involved, so you don't need to pay them. We conduct our own valuation and surveys so no costs are passed on to you. We pay your legal fees up to £500.00. So all in all you pay nothing, the whle sale process is completed within 5 working day, but usually within 3 and you get a full 90% of the true value. Send us the details of your property so we can arrange to come and view it.

If you are currently a property owner and have applied, or are about to apply for a mortgage to move home, then waiting to sell your house can slow down your relocation. This may result in you missing the home that you want.

We can help with your house sale. We are private cash buyer of houses in any condition in any location within the United Kingdom. We guarantee a quick sale with no fees in any part of the process. That means we cover the cost of the survey, valuation, HIPS assessment and legal fees.

Using us to speed up the house sale means that you are free to quickly view houses for sale. As cash buyers, we can organise the funds from your cash sale to be deposited in a bank account of your choice, cleared within three working days.

It really is easy to get a quick sale on your house or property. Simply use our quick house sale application form and we will organise a survey and valuation, then make you a trade offer on your home.

Unlike with estate agents there are no commissions to pay, the valuation and survey is free, likewise, the solicitors. We supply a solicitor you can use free of charge, or we will pay your own solicitors legal fees, and because this is a private sale, there is no HIPS needed.

So, if you have a new home, but are struggling to sell, not only can we help with your mortgage, but we will also buy your house from you. Sell quickly to us. Fast turn around. Completion in three days.

A quick house sale is only moments away. Navigate to our quick sale enquiry form and sell your house today.